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Queens of Africa Fashion Dolls

There’s a new doll in town. She’s a queen, she’s black, she wears traditional African costumes.


Queens of Africa dolls, Nneka, Wuraola, and Azeezah and issue one of Queens of Africa bookqoab2

Additional Information from Back of Box
The following text is on the back of each doll’s box:

WURAOLA: means “Precious wealth”
Can be shortened to “WURA” or “RAOLA.”
This is a “YORUBA” name from southern part of Nigeria.

AZEEZAH: means “Esteemed”; this can be shortened to ‘ZEZA.”
This is a Muslim name and used commonly in the northern part of Nigeria
[amongst] the “HAUSA” who are predominantly Muslim dwellers.

NNEKA: The meaning of this name is “Mother is superior,” which is
“IBO” [Igbo] a language from the eastern area of Nigeria, where most of
the names are symbolic.