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We are FICO Solutions Nigeria Ltd, the creators of first ever-Nigerian Fashion dolls: The Queens of Africa & Naija Princesses. The Queens of Africa program is dedicated, through the use of books, dolls, comics, music and animation series, to help empower children of African descent and their counterparts to be confident and matured ethically. The dolls and materials are designed, through fun and engaging materials, to subconsciously promote African heritage. Developed by entrepreneur and philanthropist Taofick Okoya, the program has reached tens of thousands of children across Africa contributing significantly to education programs, particularly in Nigeria. Queens of Africa celebrates being an African girl in the 21st century by drawing on the strengths and achievements of our ancestors and bring them up to date to empower and inspire today’s generation of African girls.



These beautiful dolls serve as an object of affection for children everywhere. They especially created for girls of African descent to identify with.

The dolls are fashionable in both western and traditional wears. The ‘Queens of Africa’ dolls were developed by Nigerian entrepreneur Taofick Okoya, “to show African children that ‘black is beautiful’ by enabling them to play with dolls that reflect their culture and heritage”. The three dolls are available in toy stores all over Nigeria and now available worldwide online. Each doll represents a different tribe of Africa.

There is NNEKA (Igbo), AZEEZAH (Hausa) and WURAOLA (Yoruba) and they are sold in various outfits. The most popular are the dolls dressed in traditional attire. The Queens of Africa dolls were created to inspire and influence the coming generation, especially the ‘Girl Child’, so in designing the dolls and their outfits, the team bore this in mind.


Naija Princesses are dolls of colour that have been created to fill the void of relatable dolls in the Nigerian market and Africa. The dolls come with Nigerian names from the three major ethnic groups in Nigeria. Our culture and tradition are from our descendants of kings and queens. Every little girl dreams of being a princess and Naija Princess is here to make their dreams come true. The Ibo Princess, CHINYERE is from the rich dense rain forest of the east; the Hausa Princess AISHA is from the ancient palaces and kingdom of the Northern part of the Nigeria and from the cocoa growing rich sun-kissed waters and beaches of the Southwest comes Yoruba Princess TEMILOLA. Each Nigeria tribe has a distinct style from each other from the traditional to the head ties and hairstyles


At FICO Solutions, we believe that serving the children within our communities is our responsibilities. Our mission is to promote a positive self-identity in African girls as well as preserve the African culture. The Queens of Africa project is a Girl child empowerment program with the goal and aim of inculcating into the African Girl child positive attributes and interest through play by using fun and entertaining ways. The Queens of Africa characters are designed to represent progressive qualities such as endurance, peace and love while developing literary potentials in our children as well as enhancing their career development for future. The Queens of Africa project is dedicated, through the use of books, dolls, comics and music, and animation series, to help empower children of Nigerian/African descent to be confident and matured ethically. The materials are designed to be fun and engaging, while it subconsciously educated, encourages and promotes Nigerian/African heritage, encourage and educate.

Taofick Okoya (CEO)